We are specialists in the manufacture of Ethylene Oxide sterilization chambers. With over 30 years of experience, we carry out the design, manufacturing and installation of sterilization chambers, adapting its size to any environment according to the requirements of the customer.

The manufacturing process is based on the standard in 1422:2014, complying with the requirements of the CE in matter of machinery (2006/42/EC); Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EC); Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EC) and of course with the ATEX Directive (2014/34/EU).

All of our projects are adapted to the existing production lines, creating unique designs customized for our clients, in order to optimize the available space. To make an idea of the production volume you need, we offer you the following table our standards. We have a wide range of sizes, from 2 to 36 pallets.


With our vacuum aeration chambers, a level of desabsorption is achieved under the limit value of 4 mg/L established in the regulation, in a short time, thanks to forced ventilation system.

We design, manufacture and install aeration chambers, with the same requirements as if it were a sterilizer. Our vacuum aeration chambers are manufactured under AD-Merkblater regulation in 304L stainless steel and following strict control and verification tests, demonstrating the integrity of the equipment, unalterable against variations in pressure. These chambers have a working range from 50 to 1000 mbar, being able to control from the software control, the vacuum speed as well as the speed of Sterile air intake. The air intake is always performs through a 0.22μ filter. These Aeration chambers can work between 20ºC and 50ºC.

Suphatec also designs and installs atmospheric pressure aeration chambers. In all cases, the loading and unloading of the aeration chambers can be completely automated and direct from the sterilizer.


Following our goal of strict enforcement of current regulations, our I+D Department is continually researching for new designs for gas washing towers (scrubbers), always focusing on the effectiveness of the equipment, in order to get Zero Emissions.

Thanks to this workforce, we can say our gas washing towers ensures an efficiency of 99.99%.

Each project is unique, so the scrubbers are designed according to the maximum volume of production that can be achieved by the plant and to guarantee the effectiveness of the equipment in case of increasing production.

The current towers are designed with 4-wash-phases. In the first step, the Ethylene Oxide from the wash cycles in the sterilization chamber, is conducted through a venturi solution, in where it is mixed with an acid dissolution. Then the mixture passes through a system of helical cleaning and then it is introduced in a gurgling tank. The last phase is to guide the mixture to the tower where it will pass through cleaning-shower-system, where by a phase-exchanger with package, the resulting fluid will fall to a second tank.
In the atmospheric evacuation chimney, Suphatec always has to install an ethylene oxide sensor in order to record data on the amount of ppm released into the atmosphere. The control software records this data in a report every 24 hours, which allows to have a real control of the daily emissions and to be able to have a safety of not exceeding the maximum of 1mg / m³


Every sterilization cycle needs to reach certain levels of moisture inside the chamber to achieve a good penetration of ethylene oxide into the product.

Suphatec manufactures clean atex steam generators using decalcified water. They are made of 316L stainless steel with all necessary safety equipment in compliance with the 2014/68 / EU Pressure Vessels Directive and the Atex 2014/34 / UE Directive.

The clean steam generators are designed dimensioned to the needs of the sterilizer and their operation is completely automated from the same control system that operates the sterilizer, being able to parameterize its operation, depending on the needs of the product.



The importance of good preventive maintenance is fundamental to avoid production stops which can be usually traumatic and very expensive. We can advice you on what type of maintenance is best suitable to the size of your facility.

We also offer maintenance contracts including emergency services, in order to ensure a fast and safe performance, for both mechanically and control levels.

The maintenance plan can also include software maintenance, which also includes remote control assistance.


Ethylene Oxide sterilization involves the combination of many relevant factors, from the type of product to be sterilized to the type of packaging containing it, as well as the gas concentration used, time and pressure, among others.

It is often difficult to know where to start designing a sterilization cycle when talking about a new product; that is why Suphatec offers its knowledge to support companies for the study of the best cycle. Because it is not always the best option to oversize the concentrations, but how to use them to the right extent.

Suphatec can help your company in the design of new products to be easily sterilized, in designing new sterilization cycles and how to perform the validation tests with the appropriate parameters for obtain the necessary documentation to obtain authorization from the sanitary authorities


Aware of the evolution in industry and in the requirements of regulation and certification standards, Suphatec offers the possibility to adapt your current installation to current standards.
Suphatec can realize a study of the possible improvements to be applied in each in order to obtain a renovated installation increasing its use-life expectancy and adapting it to the new needs of the market.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can advice you about the steps to follow to carry out the study to your equipment.