Multiplayer PP vial with EVOH barrier
COEX vials

Posted on November 17 , 2020

Injection vial with unique oxygene barrier. COEX vials

MedicoPack has many years of experience with the production of multilayer PP vials with an EVOH barrier. They produce more than 4 mill multilayer vials per year in both standard design and customer specific design.

The multilayer PP injection vials are based on a PP/EVOH/PP buildup, where the EVOH material is an ethylene vinyl-alcohol based material. EVOH increases the barrier effects thus ensuring to increase the integrity of the pharmaceutical formulation. 

The combination of PP and EVOH significantly increases the barrier properties of the injection vial against oxygen sensitive formulations. The materials used fully comply with the regulatory requirements for medical primary packaging according to the US Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacopeia (Ph.Eur).

The Multilayer PP vial is currently available in 50 ml natural version with a 20 mm neck. 100 ml size is scheduled to be released middle of  next year 2021 and 250 ml size at the end of 2021.